Supported Map types
4.Shape ArcView.
5.Garmin .img files.
6.Polish Format.
7.Mapdekode DBX.
8.GPS Exchange Format (GPX).
9.AGW For Poclet PC vector Format. Used by AGWMap PPC.
10.Virtual Erth Online (Microsoft).
11.Google Online Maps.
12Yahoo online Maps.
You can Zoom in/out with any map type.

Database Support.
You can Log APrs Activity to Database. MS Access or MS Sql Server.


Multilingual (Here the Chinese Version).

Multiple maps (all loaded) for instance access from the Tab list.You can see also the Overlay Maps. Down at Crete Island the East Part!

Distance Calculator Mode. To measure distance and Azimuth.

Pan Mode.Click and drag the Map to move it if it is larger than your screen. You don’t have to use the scrollbars.

Eagle Eye mode.

Fit To Window.The map is enlarged or shrinked to fit the size of the program’s window.

Zoom.You can Zoom in or Zoom out in 10% steps.

The Weather station dialog displays.
Pressure,Temperature,Heat Index (is the Temperature you feel during hot Summer days).
Wind Chilly (is the temperature you feel during cold Winter days),Dew Point,Rain,Humidity,Wind Speed and direction.

Move the mouse over Stations and you have a tool tip giving you all the information, instantly.

Draw Coverage Area.Draws a circle indicating the area the station covers.

Tracking a vehicle.Here you can observe the route that SV2GSX-9 drives. Come back at home and see where you were….

Ability to See how your message is displayed on Kenwood Radios.

 Registration and Fees.

The program provides free unlimited trial period, but you will need to register and pay a fee of $49 USD if you find it useful.

You can register and pay by contacting BMT, a company that handles my registrations. You can register from {their web site} (there is also an internet registration link within the program) or by fax or by toll free telephone. You can pay with most credit cards or by money order, personal check, Euro check, and some other options.

After you register, I will send you a registration key to enter into the program ‘Registration’ screen. To ensure you receive your registration key as quickly as possible, please include the following info in the "Comments" section of your order form:

1. You Name.
2. Your Callsign
3. The "Key to Send" string that the program generates from the ‘Registration’ screen.
4. The way you wish to receive your registration number – specify you Email or Postal Address.
5. A phone number — in case of a problem
More on how to register.
More on payment methods.
A secure URL to register online now with a credit card.


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