Beacon intervals – English

Beacon TX interval and path settings


1. Home-base station

  • path: WIDE2-2
  • beacon TX interval: 20-30 min
  • SSID: SSID -0 (without SSID) (if the operator is present), the rest in SSID article

Basic question is, if the home station can hear et least one WIDE digi. If can, the recommended path is WIDE2-2 then. Considering the current status of APRS in OK, it is sufficient value to reach the IGATE. Beacon TX interval should be set to 30 minutes.


2. Mobile station

  • path: WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2
  • beacon TX interval: 1 min (or smart beacon, over 120km/h minimal 30s, bellow 50km/h 2 min.)
  • SSID: SSID -0 (bez SSID) if the operator is available, -9  if the operator is not available (tracker), the rest in SSID article

Mobile station will have WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 and will be used any digi which is reachable.
Minimal values for beacon TX inteval for mobile stations with WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 path should be following:

  • 1 min while on move, 20 min while stationary

If your device supports SMART BEACON, then for example:

  1. 30s for speeds above 120 km/h
  2. 1 min. for speeds 20-120 km/h
  3. 2 min. for 20 km/h
  4. Send beacon when the angle change for more than 120 degrees (but not more often than once per 30s)


3. WX station

  • path: WIDE2-2
  • beacon TX interval: 10-20 min
  • SSID: SSID -6 (second and third -5, resp. -4), more in SSID article

For WX stations applies almost the same as for home/base station, beacon TX interval 15 min. Use of proportional pathing and adjust the intervals is possible then. Practicaly the setting could like like this:

  • WIDE1-1 – beacon 5 min
  • WIDE2-2 – beacon 15 min
  • WIDE3-3 – beacon 30 min