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As you can see, the APRS.cz website is not fully translated to the English language, this is because this website is dedicated for Czech HAMs mainly. But we feel the needs to explain several things to non-czech speaking HAMs too. Thats why this section is created.

The submenu items on the left side should explain the standards we have built and approved and which we use in Czech Republic now.

First, we use the New Paradigm standards, that is the base. Our digipeaters use (or they will use if not yet) the "Country code" system with CZn-N digipeating. By the global policy, the WIDEn-N digipeating has maximum value 3-3 (WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 exceptionaly WIDE1-1,WIDE3-3) and CZn-N digipeating has maximum value 7-7, which applies only inside our country of course.

Feel free to use the menu items on the left side to get more information about individual policies we use and some other APRS functions which we have created and which you can use also.