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Recommended SSIDs for Czech APRS stations


This recommendations should keep to CAVTAT as much as possible, they should find a harmony with surrounding countries and assign the SSIDs so they will be logical for current, but also for future use, in relation to APRS topology specifics in the central Europe. We have selected only few SSIDs from the complete list, this SSIDs are those, where is the best conformity and also least conflicts. Use of remaining SSIDs will be specified as soon as the need of another specific station will arise.



Manhandled stations with two-way communication possible

-0 manhandled station – without SSID (SSID-0)

In case we want to send a message from mobile equipment, it is less for two characters. It also highlights stations where we can get response, help or any other reaction. For the differentiation, the station is a car, pedestrian or home station with for example UIView32, we can use the symbols.


Digipeaters and internet gates

-1 DIGI with Igate


-3 secondary DIGI

All these SSIDs are designated for digipeaters by CAVTAT. It is useful to know by the first look,  if the digi is just a digipeater (-2) or digipeater with internet gate (-1). Igate usually works as a digi. The -3 SSID is normaly used by Fill-in digis or by fanatic people who wants to run more than one digi under just one callsign. 🙂



-4 tertiary WX station

-5 secondary WX station

-6 primary WX station

In case that one CALL will have only one WX station, the SSID will be -6. SSID -4 and -5 we use in case that station will be runing more than one WX station.


Moving stations

7 non-standard mobile stations

(parachute, plane, bicycle, train, ship (yacht), submarine, bassinet, airship etc.) in the case, the -0 or -9 is not suitable better.


-8 not defined yet, might be a second mobile station

Without two-way communication capabilities (secondary for  SSID -9).


-9 unattended standard mobile station

(tracker) mobile station that can’t reply.


Stations without radio

-10 station working through internet only (TCP/IP)

servers, PDA and Smatphone applications etc., connected through Internet.



-13 reserved for emergency purposes do not use for normal operation essentially!
It would be convenient (-13 already associating something negative), to completely  reject  this SSID for future use (for example in case of natural disaster for stations participating on salvage operations) It is possible, that for these stations we make a exceptions for routing or  that we separate the emergency operations from the regular operations.



-15 for testing purposes