Digi overlays – English

Use of overlays for digipeaters and igates marking

The idea is following, it is useful to visually differentiate what each digi is doing and what is their function.

Lately we have used overlays, such as "D" for Digi_Ned digis, "U" for UIdigi digis, "W" for WIDE digis and "R" for RELAY digis. This is already obsolete and new overlays are recommended:

    L – for Limited WIDEn "W2…" W2 recommended. CZn-N not supported
    S – for state systems "W2, CZn-N…" W2 recommended. CZn-N supported
    1 – for FILL-IN DIGIs "W1-1…" For a FILL-IN WIDE1-1 only DIGI
    1 – for 1-hop enforced "11,22,21,33…" Such as LA, etc.
    P – for PacComm DIGIs "11,22,21,33…" or what ever is in ALIASlist
    A – for Alt-Input DIGI "W2, CZn-N…" Alt-Input on different frequency
    X – for eXperimental    
    In Czech Republic, we use the L, S and 1 overlays in most cases.


The Obsolete Legacy Overlays are:


    for RELAY only digis <== OBSOLETE. MYALIAS should be WIDE1-1 now
    W for WIDE or R,W digis <== OBSOLETE. Should be WIDE1-1 only
    T* for PacComm TRACE digis <== should be changed to "P"
    F* for old KPC ver 8.2 <== should be updated to New-N as an "S"
    U* for UIdigi * Should use "S" (or "L") when updated to New n-N
    D* for DIGI_NED * Should use "S" (or "L") when updated to New n-N