Traffic Alert – english

Traffic Alert – another function of the OK1COM-10 TCP/IP server


If you are stuck in the traffic jam, column of cars or face another traffic situation and you want to inform other people on APRS, send a message in format TA (as traffic alert) to station OK1COM-10.
If the message arrives, system responds back and releases an object Traffic Alert on the position of your last known possition.

Object  type is Info kiosk – \?
Name of the object is TRAFFICmm, where mm is minute of hour the object was sent.
In a text field, there is an information about who and when has sent the message.

You can also send short description of the situation together with keyword. Example: Car Accident dir PRG, or TrafficJam 4-5, or TrafficJam dir LBC, etc.
Message will be containing the keyword TA at the begining of course, for example: TA CA 2xvehicle dir PRG
The result will be then: >TA CA 2xvehicle dir PRG; 12:00 de MYCALL-9



  • Before sending the TA request, the beacon with your possition must be send!!   Note: Processing of the request might take up at about one minute, iso if you are moving 130km/h and want to report something, the position of the resulting object might be not accurate.
  • Message and beacon with position must come through the local igate to internet.
  • Local igate must be able to send objects and messages from OK1COM-10 to radio channel.
    This setting is provided on OK1KZE-1 and OK1MX-1 igates

Resulting object on the map:


(System was built and is maintained by Honza OK1COM)