Flooding Activity Levels – english

Flooding Activity Levels, called SPA in czech

There is system, which is feeding flooding activity levels into the APRS. The data are passed from CHMÚ – Czech Hydrometerologic Institute and they are presented to the APRS only when the levels are active.

Displaying the status is provided by symbol and number, which is reflecting the actual SPA level:

"1" = flooding activity level 1 = alertness

"2" = flooding activity level 2 = promptness

"3" = flooding activity level 3 = threat

"Extreme threat" level is indicated by Flooding Icon [\w]

This is how it looks on the map:



Data structure in the object:

1300LT SPA3 135cm 16,5m3/s trend(+-) limit:80/105/130cm

object name: shortened version of the stream/river and announced place

1300LT = time of the announcement in Local Time

SPA3 = Flooding activity Level (SPA) 3, that is Threat

135cm = Water Level

16,5m3/s = Actual flow rate

trend(+-) = fall or raise (++,+,+-,-,–)

limit:80/105/130cm = Limits to switch beteeen 1, 2 and 3 levels


Object detail:


On the Geosat in car:


(System was built and is maintained by Honza OK1COM)